Types Of Knives And Where To Buy Them

In our town (who are we kidding ourselves, it is basically a village), we value knives over any other form of protection. It serves as part of the heritage and history of the community. People have been building and carving for years and have found so many different purposes for knives. We can sometimes find it hard to come by up north, so we have to use an online store or have people bring more back if they visit anywhere southern to Northern Canada (which is pretty much anywhere else in the world). We used to make them in-house, but after working with a man named Clayton, it’s been a great experience and even for cost efficient. So I wanted to tell a little bit of a story about knives and introduce his store to you as well.

The first knives were invented by Homo sapiens during prehistoric times and were used as weapons, tools and eating utensils. There are a variety of purposes that knives serve us today. They have been in use for centuries and they continue to evolve with the need of the time.

The Oldowon was used up to 2.5 million years ago and is the oldest known knife-like tool to be discovered as of 2014. Knives are used as tools as well. Utility knives are used by soldiers, hunting knives by hunters and pocket knives are carried by hikers. They are used in a variety of shapes and sizes in the kitchen as well. Knives make our job easy and are an essential tool for everyone.

selling knives online

Today, you can shop for knives online as well. There are various stores where these utilities are sold. The store www.eknivesstore.com is a one such shop where you can expect to get quality knives at a reasonable price.

There is a lot of information available on the site regarding different collection of knives that is for sale. You can browse through the options and make a buying decision. Rest assured, you order will be delivered on time with the best quality knife. It’s been great and you can even check out one of his videos below:

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Putting Us On The Map

Our first order of business has to be a shout out to the firm involved in putting us on the map in the first place. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have gotten any attention for our new website. While they weren’t responsible for designing it, they were essential for a small northern town like ours to be discovered up here on the internet. It took a waterloo seo company to help get us to where we are today and we couldn’t be happier.

The company is Cognatio, or Cognatio Media (found here: http://www.cognatio.ca) and they deal exclusively with organic seo. I found it absolutely fascinating that a company was able to hone their focus and drill down on exactly what was needed to increase our visibility on search engines and across the internet in general. I’ve heard they also partner with Vovia, a Calgary online marketing company so I imagine they are also quite good.


Their website explains a lot of different topics, which they share for completely free of charge (another characteristic I love!). They talk about things like proper keyword research, mapping, audits and so much more. So much that I think we all overlook when it comes to the standard SEO industry. These are changing times, and while this community and only recently connected to the world wide web, I was living in the USA before moving here and can’t say I’ve seen a company like this before! Again from what I’m hearing there’s also Vovia, a Calgary SEO company (check them out again at http://www.vovia.com) that does awesome local SEO in partnership with Cognatio.

If you want even more guidance on SEO, I found another great YouTube video that provides a bit more information about Cognatio Media and their Waterloo location:

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